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Cando Pack is a leading cloth shopping bags wholesale company in China. Our cloth shopping bags are made from quality fabrics which makes them durable, reusable and long-lasting. Apart from shoppin g with our cloth shopping bags, they can also be used for other outdoor activities. 

We are a cloth shopping bag manufacturer with over 15 years of solving shopping needs while putting the environment in mind. There are many materials and designs of cloth shopping bags you can choose from. Our dedicated staff are ready to work with you based on your requirements. 

Cando Pack offers you excellent cloth shopping bag quality, affordable rates on all custom cloth shopping bags, great support service, free consultation, prompt delivery and many more.

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Optional Materials from Cloth Shopping Bags Wholesale Manufacturer

Cando Pack’s cloth shopping bag factory offers you a wide range of cloth shopping bag materials. You can choose one or more materials for your design. Our shopping bag material list is cotton, canvas, non-woven fabric, polyester, nylon, PP woven fabric, etc.

Reuseable grocery bag with sturdy handles. It has a very large space for groceries. It is strong enough for carrying bottles.

As low as $0.25

Simple and straightforward shopping bag design. It has strong handles for easy carriage. It is easy to wash after repeated use.

As low as $0.27

Lightweight non-woven bag with short and sturdy handles. This shopping bag is easy to carry. It can serve multipurpose functions. Made in multiple colours.

As low as $0.12

PP woven shopping bag

The laminated pp bag is trendy, durable and reusable. The bag is sturdy with a flat base. It has strong handles for convenient carriage.

As low as $0.13

Polyester shopping bag

A polyester bag is a flat and foldable shopping bag. It has a single fabric layer and enough room for groceries. The short handles are convenient to carry across the shoulders.

As low as $0.22

A heavy-duty jute shopping bag is made with natural fabric. It has soft handles, which are comfortable for carriage. It is a sturdy design that can sit on its own.

As low as $0.32

Linen shopping bag

Made with light and airy fabric. It has enough room for a large number of groceries. The linen shopping bag has long handles for carriage.

As low as $0.35

Mesh shopping bag

The mesh shopping bag is a large see-through bag. The Mesh bag has a large room for groceries. It has short straps for easy carriage.

As low as $0.24

Oxford shopping bag

Single compartment shopping bag with sturdy handles. It is easy to fold when not in use. It has a large space for shopping.

As low as $0.29

Nylon shopping bag

The nylon shopping bag is foldable into a pouch. It is soft and strong enough for heavy groceries. It is washable and reusable.

As low as $0.34

Denim shopping bag

The denim shopping bag is a heavy-duty multipurpose bag. Sturdy design with strong handles.

As low as $0.32

Felt shopping bag

The felt shopping bag is stylish, durable and versatile. It can be used for multiple purposes. It has a light and comfortable handles.

As low as $0.31

Corduroy shopping bag

Portable, lightweight and comfortable shopping bag. It has a large space for shopping. The long handles are convenient to carry over the shoulders.

As low as $0.26

Muslin shopping bag

Extremely soft, natural and durable shopping bag. It is a simple design with carrying handles. Easy to customise.

As low as $0.22

Metallic shopping bag

Reuseable multipurpose shopping bag. It is made with a shiny fabric which makes it suitable for multipurpose use.

As low as $0.12

What We Do

Optional Styles from Cloth Shopping Bags Wholesale Manufacturer

Cando Pack personalised cloth shopping bags are not only suitable for shopping. They can serve as a fashion accessory, gift packaging, useful for outdoor activities like camping and the beach. We have different cloth shopping bag designs that serve these purposes.

Foldable cloth shopping bag

These are bags made with soft materials like nylon or polyester. When not in use, they can be folded into a pouch or stylish purse. Suitable for daily shopping and outdoor adventures.

As low as $0.32

Gift cloth shopping bag

Gift shopping bags are perfect for packaging gifts for all occasions. These shopping bags are perfect as gift bags. They have the right size and design for this purpose.

As low as $0.23

Zipper cloth shopping bag

Zipper shopping bags can be made with any material. They have sturdy zip that secures items in the bag.

As low as $0.32

Beach cloth shopping bag

Beach shopping bags are large-sized bags suitable for picnics, camping and visiting the beach. They have a large compartment space with long handles.

As low as $0.33

Insulated shopping bags have thermal insulation that makes it possible to carry hot or cold food. They can be used for shopping, food delivery or outdoor activities.

As low as $0.27
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cloth shopping bags wholesale
cloth shopping bags wholesale


cloth shopping bags wholesale
cloth shopping bags wholesale

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General Hot Samples

Hot Selling Cloth Shopping Bags Wholesale List

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

How Cloth Shopping Bags are Produced

Cando Pack is a cloth shopping bag wholesale supplier with an efficient production process. We achieve efficiency through the use of quality materials, sourced from top material suppliers. In addition to this, we have highly experienced workers.

Step 1: Purchase fabrics and cut them (1-3 days)

Our efficient production process starts with purchasing quality materials from material suppliers. Materials for the tote and handles are then cut into sizes. Error control begins at the early stage of production.

cutting process of bags material

Step 2: Customized printing, embroidery (3-7 days)

Customised printing is an optional process. We print only if your order requires printing. The printing methods we use are screen printing, sublimation, embroidery, thermal transfer, digital printing, etc. You can choose any of these printing methods for your customised cloth grocery bags wholesale orders.

bags printing process

Step 3: Worker Processing (3-7 days)

At the Cando Pack factory, each production unit is managed by a group of workers. Therefore, making our workers highly skilled in their respective units. 

sewing process of bags

Step 4: Quality Inspection & Packaging & Delivery (1-3 days)

For quality assurance purposes, we carry out a strict inspection on all manufactured cloth shopping bags wholesale before they are delivered. Defects or errors noticed at the final stage are either remade or destroyed. As a result of this our defective rate is less than 0.05%.

bags quality inspection process

In need of reusable cloth bags in bulk?

Cando Pack as a reusable shopping bag manufacturer offers you:
Pocket-friendly rates; Excellent support; Flexibility in material, size and design choices;Great custom tote shopping bag quality; and more!

Cando Pack is All Your Need

How to Choose A Cloth Shopping Bags Wholesaler

We are a cloth shopping bag manufacturer with quality certifications from SGS, REACH and CE. We earned these standard certifications through our quality production processes. 

We have a large factory capacity measuring 2000 square metres that produce an average of 40,000 cloth shopping bags daily. We also have over 200 experienced workers that ensure quality production.

About Candopack

At Cando Pack, we understand customer worry about shopping bag quality, prompt delivery, aftersales service and more. We assure you that when you place an order with us, you don’t have to worry about these issues.

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What Clients Said

Hear from Honored Customers of Cando Pack

Cando Pack cloth shopping bag manufacturer has been solving brand packaging needs for over 15 years. This is why brands on eBay, Amazon, departmental stores and many other businesses have trusted us to deliver wholesale cloth shopping bags.

Plastic bags are really damaging the environment. In order not to contribute to this damage, we opted for reusable shopping bags. Rather than using plastic bags at once and then discarding them, shopping bags are a reasonable alternative. 

What do I think qualifies the shopping bags as reusable? Well, they are made with good materials, they are perfectly sewn, and they are also washable. Looking for a reusable cloth bag manufacturer? Cando Pack got you covered. 

Hao, Store Manager, Emiley’s Grocery

I like that these shopping bags have no funny chemical smell. These custom cloth shopping bags are sturdy and properly stitched. They can hold a lot of groceries without you having to worry about ripping. The handles are easy to carry without hurting your arms or shoulder. To give you a free tip: When placing an order for cloth shopping bags, you could specify different handle lengths due to differences in customers’ height. 

Saha, Home Shopper, Shopping Supplies LTD

We needed a new batch of cloth shopping bags. I like the strap length as they are very comfortable to carry heavyweight groceries. The shopping bags also have enough room and storage. 

I think one of the shopping bag designs has dividers inside which helps to separate bottles and cans. The dividers equally prevent bottles from clanging against one another. For our next cloth shopping bag wholesale order from Cando Pack, we would include this. 

Sam, Front End Manager, Marion’s Place

I like the shopping bag sizes, they are large enough for multiple shopping. I would say Cando Pack shopping bags hold a larger size of groceries than regular plastic bags. 

These bags are washable, which automatically makes them reusable. This solves the problem of shoppers reusing unhygienic plastic bags. Since the cloth shopping bags are washable, there is no need to worry about stains, dirt or spillage from liquid groceries.  

Gul, Assistant Manager, Mark’s Shopping Centre

I’m happy with the bags from Cando Pack. I had an encounter with them recently when I had to oversee a corporate gift packaging. After several recommendations from the customer service, I finally settled for the custom cotton shopping bag. We also agreed on the printing, which came out bold as I expected. 

Their service is great as they pay attention to your needs. Excellent price with prompt delivery.

Salah, Event Planner, Rubies Events

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ of Cloth Shopping Bags Manufacturing Business

In this FAQ guide, we have outlined and answered questions on Cando Pack cloth shopping bag production, benefits of using shopping bags, how to choose the best shopping bags and more.

Cando Pack is a cloth shopping bags wholesale manufacturer that produces all types of shopping bags you could find in the market. We produce many types of cloth shopping bags based on materials. 

Our cloth shopping bags are made with cotton, canvas, linen, jute, corduroy, denim, PP woven fabric, non-woven fabric, oxford material, nylon, polyester, etc.

These materials can be designed in any style like beach tote bags, insulated bags, foldable bags as well as zipper bags. 

This is to say that a combination of any material and style will result in different types of shopping bags.

Cando Pack provides you with free stock samples before placing an order. However, we only charge a refundable fee of $50 to $100 for customised samples. 

When you order 1000 shopping bags or more, you are eligible for the customised sample refund.

Reusable shopping bags are made with as many materials as possible. As long as a material is breathable, durable, washable and strong, it can be made into cloth shopping bags. 

Common materials used by Cando Pack for producing reusable cloth shopping bags are; pp woven material, non-woven material, oxford fabric, linen, burlap, cotton, polyester, mesh, nylon, denim, felt, muslin, corduroy and metallic materials. 

These materials have unique properties that make that suitable for making reusable cloth bags. 

When buying cloth shopping bags in bulk, you have to consider the following: Material type, size and printing. 

Material varies according to properties and durability. For instance, denim and corduroy fabrics tend to have more strength than other materials. While some materials can be machine washed, others can be cleaned by simply wiping them.

Shopping bag sizes can be large, medium or small. Each size has specific uses. For example, large-sized shopping bags are perfect for grocery shopping; medium-sized bags are perfect for gift packaging, shopping and other daily use; small-sized bags are perfect for gift packaging. 

Printing technique is sometimes determined by material choice or individual preferences. The printing techniques applied on cloth shopping bags are sublimation, thermal transfer, screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, silicon logo, etc.

Oftentimes, delivery depends on order quantity. Non-printed cloth shopping bags take less than two weeks to produce and deliver; while printed wholesale cloth shopping bags take approximately two weeks for production and delivery. 

We have an emergency department that handles priority or emergency orders. Emergency orders are delivered within 9 days.

Cloth shopping bags are produced in an efficient process. This process begins with material sourcing. Before materials are sourced, the cloth shopping bag style and size would be determined. 

Materials are measured and cut according to your specific requirement. 

We proceed to print your text or logo on the fabric. The printing stage is optional because not all orders require printing. 

The next stage is sewing. All cut material pieces are stitched together. Handles and zippers are also attached depending on the design we are working with.

The quality assurance check follows the sewing. At this stage, all cloth grocery bag bulk are carefully inspected. Also at this stage, all errors are fixed. 

Finally, your cloth shopping bags are shipped to you. 

During the printing stage, there are different ways we print texts or logos on cloth shopping bags. These printing methods include sublimation, heat transfer, embroidery, silkscreen, etc.

Cando Pack makes use of three types of canvas fabrics (pure cotton canvas, polyester-cotton canvas and all polyester canvas) for cloth shopping bags. These canvas types accept different types of printing. 

Pure cotton canvas accepts screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery and digital printing. 

Polyester-cotton canvas accepts embroidery, screen printing, heat transfer and digital printing.

Full polyester canvas accepts screen printing, heat transfer, digital printing, embroidery and dye sublimation.

There are different costs associated with producing reusable cloth bags. These associated costs include material costs, printing costs, cutting and sewing costs, labour costs for packaging, quality inspection costs and finally, delivery costs.

We are a reusable shopping bag supplier that makes use of environmentally friendly materials for producing cloth shopping bags. We ensure that all our material suppliers have environmental certification.

We know the impacts of non-reusable packaging materials on the environment, hence, our commitment to producing shopping bags with environmentally friendly materials. 

Cando Pack uses 3 different types of canvas made from natural materials: Pure cotton canvas, polyester-cotton canvas and all polyester canvas.

Pure cotton canvas is made with 100% woven cotton; polyester-cotton canvas is made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester; full polyester canvas is made with 100% polyester. 

There is no best material for making shopping bags per se. Different materials have unique properties that make one preferable to the other. 

For instance, materials like linen, cotton, nylon, oxford and polyester are washable and they do not shrink after washing.

PP woven and non-woven materials are water-resistant. Hence, they can be cleaned by wiping. 

Corduroy and denim materials are thicker than other fabrics. They are also wrinkle-resistant and easy to maintain.

Over the years, cloth shopping bags have proven to be beneficial for everyday use. The following are the benefits of reusable cloth shopping bags:

  • Cloth shopping bags are reusable for a long time. 
  • When compared to plastic bags, cloth shopping bags helps to save more money for both shoppers and business owners.
  • They help with branding. Companies often use shopping bags as a means of promoting their brands by printing logos or brand names on plain shopping bags.
  • Cloth shopping bags are environmentally friendly. They can be used repeatedly, and as a result of this, the environment is not littered.
  • They are durable for shopping. The bags have strong handles that make shopping very convenient. 
  • Shopping bags are designed in different sizes, styles and materials which gives you the opportunity to choose any type of cloth shopping bag.
  • Cloth shopping bags are multipurpose. They are useful for packaging, shopping, and outdoor activities.
  • Certain shopping bag designs are useful for food delivery. They have thermal insulation for maintaining food temperature.