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Cando Pack is an international shopping bags manufacturer in China. We produce various kinds of custom shopping bags that are made from different materials, such as cotton, canvas, polyester, linen, jute, and so on. As a dedicated shopping bags manufacturer, we cater to the needs of our customers all over the world.

We can customize our clients’ logos on their ordered shopping bags in a way that suits their specific needs. You can also have your shopping bags printed using any of the following options: Silk printing, thermal transfer printing, thermal sublimation, digital printing, et cetera. If requested by our customers, we can also do embroidery on bags.

What separates us from any other handled shopping bags factory is that we concentrate mainly on quality. That is why we are called the best tote bag supplier by our customers worldwide. Our reusable tote bags custom is good and lasts for a lifetime. No any other handbags manufacturer in China can boast of such high quality we deliver.

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Why Choose Cando Pack

The joy of being a versatile cloth bag supplier is that we can offer the best line of shopping bag products and supply custom printed tote shopping bags to customers from all walks of life.

You can fully trust our quality because of the vast number of certificates and honors we have bagged, which have further verified the variety of our bags.

For example, Cando Pack has passed CE, STC, SGS, etc.

This series of certificates guarantee that your order is in line with the import requirements all over the world.

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Handle Shopping Bags Manufacturer

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    How to Distinguish Good Cloth Shopping Bags

    As an experienced shopping bags manufacturer, our factory has been through 18 years of ups and downs, and we have all persisted. We are expert in the production of cloth shopping bags.

    Right from the onset, oxford cloth shopping bags were very popular at this time and it is one of our core products.

    Then, from 2014, we advocated for environmental protection for everybody, subsequently, non-woven shopping bags became the core products of our factory.

    In the past few years, mankind financial capabilities as greatly improved, and the pursuit of quality of life has also improved. Recyclable and environmentally-friendly made cotton bags and canvas bags have become popular.


    Regardless of how times change, irrespective of what the popular elements are, our shopping bag manufacturers will make handbags with the most serious attitude and the most stringent requirements.

    Chapter 1:

    The Process of Making Shopping Bags

    First, we start with the process of making handbags, which can be divided into six steps as listed below:

    1. Choose fabric.
    2. Cut cloth according to size.
    3. Customize printing according to design.
    4. Sewing.
    5. Packing.
    6. Containerized Logistics Transportation.

    Chapter 2:

    Material and Workmanship Determine A Good Bag

    2.1 Look at the Appearance of the Bag

    First, let’s start with the simplest method and look at the appearance of the bags. When you first see a tote bag, you should ask yourself these questions, is the printed and sewn part of the bag tilted or skewed?

    Often the first impression determines your judgment. Is this a perfect, excellent, beautiful bag? You must always have this simple assessment in your heart, although it is only the roughest judgment.

    Whether the cloth shopping bag sewing is perfect or not depends on the basic skills of the sewing workers. Generally, novice sewers may make the bag crooked while sewing. Generally, sewing workers with more than 2 years of service will not fall victim of such.

    2.2 Check if the Bag is Clean

    On sighting the bag if you discover that it is in perfect shape, then you need to observe and feel the fabric carefully and see if there is any flaw on the fabric.

    For example, the stain on the cloth, the impurities in the fabric production, the jumper and the broken line in the process of weaving, etc.

    As a responsible shopping bag manufacturer, when we pack bags, we will strictly require workers to pick out the stained bags and treat them as defective products. And our packaging workshop must keep the floor clean and tidy.

    2.3 Check the Quality of the Fabric

    As for the impurities in the fabric, when we begin to make bags, we always strictly require the purchasing department not to use fabrics with quality problems when choosing the fabric. For every batch of cloth, for every order we will choose the cloth in this link to control, good cloth without impurities is the beginning of quality assurance.

    It is unavoidable that one of the threads breaks occasionally when the fabric is on the loom, which results in a jump in a small area of the whole fabric.

    Of course, we are not the general shopping bag manufacturer, we also have control methods. When we cut the fabric into the required sizes if we find out that the fabric has jumpers. we ensure that we cut out that small piece of fabric, so as to ensure the quality of the whole bag.

    Although this method is time-consuming. However, it is worth it because our goal is to produce high-quality handbags regardless of what the situation might be.

    2.4 Check the Quality of the Sewing Part

    After confirming that there are no problems with the fabric, we begin to check the needle and thread.

    The first is the sewing density: the higher the sewing density, the stronger the bag will be.

    If the density of sewing is too high, it will not be firm and beautiful. It takes a long time to find the best sewing distance for each stitch when the bag is the strongest.

    After years of experimenting on cloth shpping bag production, our factory has come to the conclusion that the bag comes beautifully and strong when the three seeing needles are at a distance of 1cm apart, so the needle density is the most ideal, and we have been doing so.

    2.5 Needle and line effects

    In addition to sewing needle thread density, there are also jumping needle, broken thread and other issues. There are many problems that cannot be solved perfectly in the artificial field, and we can only do our best to solve this problem.

    If the needle is skipped, it is usually debugged in the sewing machine. Then the timing of the needle and the tightness of the thread are the problems.

    In this respect, our needles are usually replaced every three days, and we update a batch of new sewing machines every two years. Only good machine and equipment can improve the efficiency and quality of work.

    The tightness of the thread is basically adjusted by the older sewing workers in our factory, and the technicians who specialize in the management of sewing machines in our factory will go to the factory regularly for inspection and maintenance.

    As far as we can avoid this kind of problem, this is also the reason why our product opportunities will not have after-sales problems.

    2.6 The Processing Order of the Side Parts of the Bag

    Next, we talk about the sewing sequence on the side and the processing sequence of the opening and the hand-held part.

    In the past, in order to speed up the production of tote bags, many suppliers adopted the rough method at that time. First, we sew hand-held part of the bag and the top edges. Then we sew the sides of the bag. As shown in the figure below(This is the final product):

    This method isn’t just bad alone, but it also produces a large number of threads, and even the durability of the whole handbag is relatively low.

    What we adopted is a more complex and difficult processing sequence. Our first step is to sew the two sides of the bag, then we sew the opening and the hand-held parts. We change the rough method so that the bag will be perfect, beautiful, with less thread, and enhance the durability of the whole handbag.

    Although it is only a simple order of exchange, during which workers are required to have rich experience, otherwise they cannot be completed, so this is a higher cost process, but it can produce perfect shopping bags, which is the processing method we have always adhered to.

    Chapter 3:

    Printing Determines A Good Bag

    3.1 Too Much or Too little Printing

    The first thing to say is the simplest way to identify the printed part of the entire bag and some blank parts through your eyes.

    The first point is to see if the printed pattern is flawed. Whether it is sewing thread or printing, it is unqualified if it is the same. Then look at the printed section to see if there is any missing ink in the area.

    These two are also relatively low-level mistakes. We can see at a glance that our solution is to pick out badly-printed defective products before sewing.

    This is part of the regular quality checks we do so as to reduce the amount of problematic bags produced.

    3.2 Using High Quality Inks

    In addition to identifying the quality of the ink on our shopping bags. The first thing to do is to smell the bag produced.

    Our printing is based on Japan’s Takamatsu ink. This well-known brand is absolutely environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It does not smell irritating after printing.

    3.3 How to Print on Dark Fabric

    These are relatively simple, everyone can see the taste, of course, there are many technical problems in the printing.

    Let’s take a more common problem often encountered which is the printing of white LOGO on dark fabrics.

    This is the most common technical problem, because the fabric is dark in color and the LOGO is very light, so printing will cause white to be less white, and the white color will easily reveal the color of the fabric.

    Therefore, we employ the primer printing method. First, print the transparent paste on the fabric to print the LOGO and then use the white ink to cover the transparent paste in a ratio of 1:1.

    The printed product will be printed. Most importantly the white appearance will become more beautiful.

    The usual operation is to print 2-3 layers of transparent paste on the dark fabric, and each time the transparent paste is printed, it must be completely dry before the next time.

    After the completion of the printing of the transparent paste, the printing is started, and at least 2-3 times of printing is repeated to achieve the most perfect effect.

    Thus, the printing of white shopping bags on dark fabrics comes very expensive than ordinary ones. If you have a supplier who gives you a quote similar to the ordinary one, it is very likely to have the of low-quality prints on your bags.

    Chapter 4:


    The simple judgment of the quality of the handbag is roughly the same. In the deeper technical things, we will work harder, make efforts and research, and do our best to make the handbags that everyone likes

    Generally speaking, as an experienced shopping bag manufacturer, we will take the precautions mentioned above to distinguish excellent cloth shopping bags. We will certainly complete every link in it with a serious attitude so that every customer make orders from our company will have value for the money spent.

    We will try our best to serve every customer, treat every order seriously, complete every step with all our heart, and produce to most beautiful tote bag ever known to mankind.

    If you looking for the top shopping bags manufacturer, you are in the right place.