Top 10 Organic Cotton Fabric Manufacturers in China – The Ultimate Guide

Chapter 1: Overview of Organic Cotton Fabric

China has many leading organic cotton fabric manufacturers that manufacture quality cotton fabric for making tote bags and other purposes.

In this article, we will mention some organic cotton fabric suppliers, but first, a quick overview of organic cotton fabric.

Cotton is referred to as “organic” when it is cultivated without using fertilisers and any synthetically created chemicals (such as insecticides, growth regulators, defoliants, etc.)

Organic cotton fabric is free of allergies and is manufactured without harsh chemical bleaches or dyes.

Chapter 2: The Importance of Organic Cotton Fabric

Organic cotton fabric manufacturers make use of organic cotton to make fabric and other clothing because of the advantages of organic cotton.

  1. People with sensitive skin or even those who have atopic dermatitis should use organic cotton. The fibre has a very smooth touch and is hypoallergenic.
  2. In contrast to synthetic fibres, it doesn’t produce static electricity.
  3. Its ease of maintenance is one of its additional benefits. Clothing made of organic cotton does not typically require ironing and is simple to wash.
  4. Toxins are not present in organic cotton because only organic fibres and natural dyes are in it.

Chapter 3: Overview of the Organic Cotton Fabric Industry

The market for organic cotton is anticipated to increase by 40.0% between 2021 and 2028, from $637.1 million in 2021 to $6,730.9 million in 2028. Organic cotton fabric is in high demand in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Due to growing global concerns about sustainability and pollution, many organisations prefer to use organic cotton when creating fabrics.

 The first half of 2020 saw supply issues for textile manufacturers as a result of trade restrictions in important cotton-producing nations like China and India.

Chapter 4: Top Manufacturers of Organic Cotton Fabric in China

Some top organic cotton fabric manufacturers in China have been listed below:

  1. Shaoxing Lingge Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Lingge Textile company is an organic cotton fabric manufacturer that produces cotton and other types of materials.

The company was established in 2009 and they have a production facility of 5000 to 10,000 square metres.

They have the expertise and capacity to export to all countries and their primary customers are the United States, Europe, and Asia.

  1. Hemp Fortex Industries

Hemp Fortex was established on the principle that elegant, high-quality textiles might be produced environmentally responsible and sustainably. They promise innovation, performance, quality, and delivery when they design their products.

They only operate with their production facilities, where thorough audits, long-standing connections, and in-house QC staff ensure their high requirements are met.

With customised customer care, they guarantee large-scale production. They manufacture organic cotton fabric with pure organic cotton.

  1. Henan Safe-Guard Co., Ltd

Henan Safe-Guard is an organic cotton manufacturer that produces and supplies cotton fabrics and other types of fabrics.

As a top fabric manufacturer in China, this company offers a high level of expertise and technology in producing durable cotton fabrics.

They have a production capacity of 2 million metres of fabric, all of which adhere strictly to the required production standard.

  1. Bros Eastern Co., Ltd

A stock company with foreign investment, BROS EASTERN CO., LTD specialises in top-dyed mélange yarn research and development, production, and marketing. With more than 20 years’ worth of expertise. To ensure a sufficient supply of raw materials, BROS internationally sources cotton and various fibres through multiple channels.

Includes skilled manufacturing organic cotton fabric personnel, top-notch spinning and dyeing equipment, and significant yearly output of 150,000 tonnes of mélange yarn. BROS yarns are popular in China, Hong Kong, Europe, and America.

  1. Changzhou ChaoMMH Textile Co., Ltd

Changzhou ChaoMMH Texti Co., Ltd is an organic cotton maker that manufactures durable cotton fabrics and other types of fabrics.

To satisfy clients, the company has long promoted a cooperative system based on their needs and developed the sales philosophy of “innovation, integrity, quality, and win-win.”

They have an efficient production system that involves the use of sophisticated equipment and professionalism.

Changzhou always put quality first and uphold honesty as its guiding principle. They have spent more than 20 years concentrating on producing quality fabrics.

  1. Jiangsu Xintai Knitting Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Xintai Knitting Co., Ltd. manufactures different types of fabrics including cotton.

It is a one-stop production and operating company with a 45,000 square metre footprint that produces 10,000 tonnes of mid-to-high-end knitted, dyed, and printed fabrics made of cotton, viscose, and other materials each year.

Jiangsu Xintai has many standard qualification certificates that make them a trusted organic cotton fabric maker throughout China.

  1. Shijiazhuang Jiexiang Textile Co., Ltd

Shijiazhuang Jiexiang Textile Co., Ltd is an organic cotton fabric supplier with over 20 years of experience.

The company’s production facility measures 30,000 square metres with over 400 experienced workers.

Shijiazhuang Textile company follows strict quality control to ensure the production and supply of quality fabrics. They also offer free samples and free professional consultations.

They have developed reliable cooperating relationships with clients across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

  1. King Fabric Co., Ltd

King Fabric company is one of the best organic cotton fabric manufacturers in China, King Fabric, a reputable OEM knit fabric producer, is based in the Chinese city of Shaoxing. with more than 10 years of expertise in developing and producing fabrics. Their primary export destinations are North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

They have 50 professional production lines and 2000 square metres of factory space. Each month, 750 tonnes of fabrics are manufactured.

  1. Guangdong Kanghuatai Textile Co., Ltd

Guangdong Kanghuatai Textile company is an organic cotton fabric supplier situated in Foshan, China’s knitting centre. They create 30,000 tonnes of cotton yarn per year in their four production units, which have a combined 15 production lines and 18,000 square metres of space.

Their goods are exported to South Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and other nations. Cotton, T/C, CVC, Tencel, bamboo fibre, natural colour cotton, and other materials make up most of their business. The business employs 1300 production workers, 52 management/logistics workers, and 10-15 salespeople.

  1. JiangxiReuro Bast Textile Co., Ltd

Jiangxi Reuro Bast Textile company is a cotton fabric supplier of different types of cotton and synthetic materials. The company primarily sells textiles made of leaf and bast fibre.

Established in 2016, the company uses high-level technology in their fabric production line. Their main products are organic cotton fabric, pure linen yarn, pure ramie, and grey printed and dyed fabric.

Their main export destinations include South Korea, Italy, the US, Turkey, Indonesia, and other nations. This company adheres strictly to the principle of “quality first”.

Chapter 5:  Factors to Take into Account While Choosing an Organic Cotton Fabric Supplier

  • Value

Your fabrics’ value will depend on how much use you’ll get out of them and the price you paid for them, i.e. this refers to the volume of a product that can be made using that material.

  • Capability

Consideration of capability is crucial. Power encompasses more than just sudden changes. It is about long-term growth, so you should think about if your suppliers will be able to supply more material in the future if required.

  • Specification and quantity

Your supplier of organic cotton fabric must always be prepared to meet your requirements and provide you with materials in both large and small quantities.

If you’re looking for some answers about a variety of custom bags manufacturing, you’ve come to the right place!

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