Top 10 Canvas Fabric Manufacturers in China – The Ultimate Guide

Chapter 1: Introduction to Canvas Fabric

In this article, you will learn about some canvas fabric manufacturers in China, but first, we will share some background information about canvas fabric.

Canvas is a plain-woven material made from cotton or linen. Canvas is made by tightly weaving cotton yarns together into a plain weave.

The warp (vertical) threads are held together on the loom while the weft (horizontal) thread crosses over the wrap. The fibre used in making canvas fabric is thick- medium to heavyweight threads are used.

Types of Canvas

There are two types of canvas namely duck canvas and plain canvas. Both duck and plain canvas are tightly woven. The major difference between them is;

Plain canvas has a thread count between 50 to 100. It has rough and wide fibres with loose weaves. This type of canvas is mostly suitable for industrial applications.

Duck canvas on the other hand has thin threads and a close weave. It has a thread count of 100 to 150.

Canvas shopping bags made of canvas are very popular in the market.

Chapter 2: Features and Benefits of Canvas Fabric

Canvas is a widely sought-after fabric because of its strength and multifunctionality, which is why it is used in several applications.

Canvas is also sturdy, long-lasting, durable, heavy-duty and water resistant. Canvas fabric is washable, prints colour well accepts chemical treatments that help to enhance the fabric’s natural properties. In addition, canvas does not require a lot of maintenance.

Chapter 3: Canvas Fabric Market Overview

China is the world’s leading producer and exporter of canvas fabric followed by India.

Canvas fabric has a significant demand in North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Global Canvas Fabric Market size is expected to grow from $9.2 billion in 2018 to a much higher value by 2023.

The increasing demand for durable fabrics and the increasing popularity of outdoor activities have led to the increasing demand for canvas in the global canvas fabric market.

Chapter 4: Top Manufacturers of Canvas Fabric in China

Below are some of the leading canvas fabric manufacturers you can find in China.

  1. Shaoxing Quanxing Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Quanxing is a reputable canvas fabric manufacturer situated adjacent to Shanghai and Ningbo in Shaoxing, China’s largest textile-integrated area. If you’re looking for woven cotton fabric, brushed fabric, cotton canvas fabric, or a variety of coloured cotton and polyester textiles with various finishings, the Quanxing Textile firm will serve you.


  1. Shaoxing Yingcheng Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Textile Company focuses on manufacturing canvas fabric. Shirting and uniform fabric are the company’s specialities such as canvas, cotton chambray, oxford, yarn-dyed cloth, plain fabric, etc.

They provide ready goods that can match customers’ modest quantity standards, and they have a factory with a 30-year history.

The factory has three production lines and is between 5000 and 10,000 square metres in size.


  1. Xinxiang Xinxing Special Fabric Co. Ltd

Xinxiang Xinxing Special Fabric company is a canvas fabric maker that manufactures flame-resistant fabrics for home textile, security, bags, shoes and other applications. The company’s monthly production output is about 30,000 metres of fabric.

With over 20 years as a fabric manufacturer in China, Xinxiang Xinxing has the expertise to produce fabrics that meet your needs.

The company provides samples at no cost, you can also request unique customisation when placing an order for your fabric.


  1. Beijing Fabric Garden Textile Trade Centre

The Beijing Fabric Garden Textile company is a canvas fabric manufacturer that manufactures cotton canvas for home textiles, bags, hospitals, garments and other applications. They have been known for producing eco-friendly fabrics since the year 2002.

Beijing Fabric Garden Textile has a monthly production output of 200,000 metres of fabric and 7 production lines.

They provide samples for quality checking before placing an order for bulk fabric.


  1. Xinxiang Zhongcheng Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd

Xinxiang Zhongcheng Printing and dyeing company is a canvas fabric maker that manufactures 100% cotton canvas fabric for bags, tents and garments.

One of the major benefits of Xinxiang Zhongcheng printing & dyeing company is that they have their cotton plantation and trade resources which are necessary for providing you with the best fabrics.

Their cotton canvas is corrosion-resistant and crease-resistant with a microfibre structure.


  1. Dezhou Junxiang Textile Co., Ltd

Dezhou Junxiang Textile company is a canvas fabric manufacturer that manufactures cotton canvas fabrics with 100% cotton material.

Dezhou Junxiang Textile company has over 20 years of experience as a professional woven canvas fabric manufacturer that tailors its expertise into creating quality fabrics for its customers.

Their textile production capacity covers spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing.


  1. Shandong Rundong Textiles and Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Rundong Textile & Technology company is a canvas fabric supplier that manufactures and supplies medical fabric, camouflage, functional and other types of fabrics from natural cotton.

These fabrics are used for multiple purposes like uniforms and different outdoor needs.

The fabric features are flame-resistant and waterproof, ensuring a durable and long-lasting fabric for different purposes.


  1. Changzhou ChaoMMH Textile Co., Ltd

Canvas and other fabrics are produced and sold with particular expertise in Chaohua textile company. They have spent the last 20 years concentrating on canvas, cotton, and other fabrics.

In order to serve customers, they have long promoted a cooperative system based on client needs and developed the sales philosophy of “innovation, integrity, quality, and win-win.” They always put quality first and uphold honesty as their guiding principle.

  1. Guangzhou Nanxing Textile Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Nanxing Textile company is a research and development and production company that specialises in the production and sales of canvas and denim fabrics.

Guangzhou Nanxing Textile manufactures different types of canvas fabrics including recycled organic canvas, dyed canvas, washed pigment dyed canvas and waxed canvas. Their main products are used for making bags, aprons, hats and shoes.

Their canvas production process goes through eight processes, from getting the raw cotton materials to quality inspections.


  1. Shaoxing City Kahn Trade Co., Ltd

Shaoxing City Kahn Trade company is a canvas fabric supplier that supplies fabrics used for multiple applications such as garments, covers, bags, etc.

They are an environmentally conscious company that offers high-quality cotton, environmentally friendly dyes and excellent craftsmanship.

Shaoxing City Kahn Trade company offers over 80 colours and multiple patterns of canvas fabrics. The production process begins with pattern design and ends with inspection and packaging.

Chapter 5: How to Choose a Canvas Fabric Supplier

When purchasing fabric for making canvas tote bags, there are certain points you have to consider before choosing a canvas fabric manufacturer. The following are some of the things you should consider:

  • Price- Pricing is an important factor for many businesses because of profit. So choose a manufacturer that fits your budget.
  • Flexibility- Acanvas fabric manufacturer should be able to make fabrics that meet your needs.
  • Capability- Does the canvas fabric manufacturerhave the facility and expertise to deliver the type of fabric you need?

If you’re looking for some answers about a variety of custom bags manufacturing, you’ve come to the right place!

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